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Jerry Keene – fighting bad law for 30 years.

Whether working for clients to reverse bad decisions, volunteering on industry advisory groups, or assisting legislative leaders to write new statutes and rules, attorney Jerry Keene has devoted his entire career to fighting bad workers’ compensation laws and finding ways to improve them. Keene is now available to put that experience to work for insurers, employers, and third-party administrators.

Appeals Evaluation and Representation in Claims Litigation. As the long time head of Reinisch Wilson Weier, P.C.’s appellate department, Jerry Keene defended employers, insurers, and claims administrators in hundreds of appeals court cases. Keene and OWCI are now available to join (“associate”) as appellate counsel to assist your current defense counsel in evaluating and handling cases that reach the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court in both Oregon and Washington, as well cases pending before the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board.

Consulting on Oregon WCD Issues and Disputes. Regulatory officials in Salem respect Jerry Keene for his detailed knowledge of Oregon’s complex workers’ compensation rules. He and OWCI are available to assist employers and claims professionals when disputes or questions arise in such matters as audits, sanctions disputes, MCO issues, or appeals to challenge Administrative Orders issued by WCD’s medical services and vocational services units.

Amicus Curiae (“Friend of the Court”) Appearances. In cases involving issues of industry-wide importance, the appeals courts often pay special attention to amicus curiae briefs submitted by organizations other than the parties to the specific case. Few Oregon attorneys have written and submitted more amicus curiae briefs on significant issues than Jerry Keene, who is now available to file such appearances as Director of the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Institute LLP.

Hourly rates for these services are available upon request.

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