Welcome To The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Institute, LLC

The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Institute (“OWCI”) was founded by Jerald P. (“Jerry”) Keene, one of the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent workers’ compensation attorneys and an acknowledged leader in promoting industry reform efforts since the 1980s. After a 30-year career as a partner with the law firm of Reinisch Wilson Weier, P.C., Jerry “semi-retired” in 2010 to pursue his long-held personal interests in claims examiner education, workers’ compensation policy issues, and specialized representation of employers and insurers in regulatory disputes and litigated cases before the Oregon and Washington appeals courts.

The Institute’s mission is “to foster and promote a fair and effective Oregon workers’ compensation system through research, education and advocacy.” To further this mission, OWCI is organized to provide:

Quality claims examiner training courses to assist claims examiners in satisfying Oregon’s initial certification and continuing education requirements.

Experienced, specialized legal representation and consulting services for employers and insurers in agency regulatory disputes or in claims litigation in the Oregon and Washington appeals courts.

Feel free to contact Jerry Keene with any questions you have about OWCI and its goals or services.